9 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook Messenger


There are 900 million Facebook Messenger users in the world right now, and 27% of high schoolers use the app daily.

That’s an awful lot of people using the instant messaging service that Facebook offer.

However, there are few certain things that many people don’t necessarily know about Facebook Messenger that would probably make your (and my) life a lot easier!

Here are nine things you probably didn’t know about Facebooks chat service, and why both your personal and professional profiles can use the hidden features:


1. Messenger on Desktop

facebook messenger desktop


Instead of constantly having a Facebook tab open on your browser, you can open the Messenger website and keep track of your conversations. I know – I was just as shocked as you.

The layout is very similar to how it is shown within the actual Facebook app, so it’s extremely easy to navigate around and have multiple conversations simultaneously.


2. Mute Conversations Momentarily



If you’re stuck in a group chat or heading towards a meeting where you know that your phone needs to be silent, you have the option of muting conversations for certain periods of time.

To do this, simple head to your Messenger and press on the name of the conversation you want to mute. Then select “notifications” and choose how long you want the conversation to be silenced for.


3. Are You Being Ignored?

facebook message sent or delivered


Instead of wondering if your message has been read or even delivered, Facebook Messenger displays small icons beside the conversation to tell you where it’s up to.


4. Free Video and Audio Calling

Business calls can be expensive at the best of times – never mind when you’re making international sales calls that automatically come with extortionate calling prices.

Instead of relying on your carrier to create calls to family, friends or business partners, head over to Facebook Messenger and make the video call, for free.

5. Who Is Available to Chat?

By pressing on the “people” section on the bottom of your screen when visiting Messenger on mobile, you’re able to see a list of active friends that are active through a mobile or desktop connection.


6. I Like It… A Lot


See that thumbs up button to the far-right hand side of your keyboard? Click and hold it for a giant like and let the person you’re talking to that you’re liking what they’re saying.


7. Share Your Location

Location sharing can have its downsides if used incorrectly, but the fact that Messenger allows you to share where you are at a precise moment can be a great feature to have.

If you’re heading out for lunch with a friend or are trying to locate where your business partners are in order to meet for a discussion, the location share option can be found on the following icon in Facebook Messenger.


8. Adding External Apps



Talking about a specific sporting event? Add a GIF or news highlight to your conversation!

Along with giving you and your friend something extra to discuss, it’ll also bring some humour to your conversation.


9. You Don’t Need a Facebook Account!

Because Facebook allow users to utilise Facebook messenger with just their mobile phone number, you don’t even need a Facebook account to use their chat service.

As you can see, there are a number of hacks that come with Facebook Messenger. Do you have your own?

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