How to Get Use Out of Your Old Blog Posts


When you first hit publish on an article you’ve spent so long writing, it can feel monumental. I, personally, always get a huge sense of achievement and love the feeling when I can tick-off a headline that’s been on my “to-write” list for what seems like months.

Once you’ve hit publish, you’ll have new, fresh content to share on your social channels and comments begin rolling in. But what happens when your article’s had it’s 24 hours of fame and your audience have moved onto the rest?

Unfortunately, the readers of your blog tend to only be interested in things that are new. That makes it difficult for bloggers and business owners to get use out of their old blog posts.


1. Display Archive Features and Pages

How do you expect people to find your old blog posts if they don’t know they even exist?

If you’ve been blogging for a while or like to publish lots of content, your old articles can get lost in a sea of “Now viewing: Page 42″‘s.

However, creating a simple archived list of blog post can help newcomers to your site view articles you’ve published recently.This kind of tool can be inserted in the sidebar or footer of your blog.

Alternatively, you can create an archive page that displays your previous posts on a simple, easy to read layout. You can define these sections by category, tag or even show the posts you’ve written within a particular month.

Melyssa Griffin has a great example of this with her social media page. It breaks down each of her articles within that topic and navigation is made simple with her use of visual graphics.


2. Compile a Features Post

Another great way to get use out of your old blog posts is to feature them in a round-up; whether that be as another bumper article, eBook or online course.

You can use this option in various occasions. Perhaps you love some blog posts more than others. In that case, try rounding up your “best of” articles.

If you want to give a newcomer a way to easily navigate around your site, adding an “ultimate guide to:” blog post can briefly explain which posts they need to read to master that topic.


3. Use Homepage Plugins

Displaying a list of your older posts is essentially a form of archive for your blog, but in a more visual way. It’s more of an archive-popular posts hybrid.

You can display this kind of content using a number of different WordPress featured plugins. The majority of them require some extra HTML/CSS coding to customise them for your own website, but even a simple text-based widget can do the trick.


4. Don’t Forget About Social Media!

We all know the benefits that social media can bring to your business. Increased sales, relationship-building with customers and of course, a boost in traffic can all be a result.

The main way that I fill my social content calendar is to litter it with blog posts. Twitter especially is a fast-paced platform, which allows you to share a number of posts within a matter of hours.

This tips is also excellent as it allows your new customers to know what you’re all about. If they’ve found you through social media, it’s unlikely that they’ll have seen your blog post that was originally published seven months ago.

If you don’t have enough time to sieve through blog posts and publish them at various points throughout the day, there are a number of  social scheduling tools that allow you to pre-schedule social updates without the need to remember about it.

What strategies do you use to get use out of your old blog posts?


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    I definitely need to do this more. I do have an archive section on my blog but never really put much effort into promoting old posts, and I have a tonne I’m really proud of! Great tips, I’ll definitely be using them.

    Kara ❤️

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