6 Quick Ways to Instantly Improve Your Blog


As bloggers, we’re always looking to be one step up. It’s only natural to stumble upon somebody else’s blog and wish that your content, images or website design was as good as theirs.

I’ve been blogging for almost six years now (trust me, I fee old!) and I’ve learnt that there’s a few things which contribute to a great blog. Plus, my full-time copywriting job means that I work on blogs for other businesses, so I feel like I’m in good capacity to give some tips on how I’d improve them.

You don’t have to be amazing in all areas – let’s face it; if we were, we’d be rich! – but there are a handful of ways where you can quickly improve your blog right away, including:


#1 | Post better content

We’re all guilty of getting struck with the dreaded blogger’s block and then rushing around to publish something just to get something up. My motto has always been if you have nothing to post, don’t post.

Although consistency is great, quality is better than quantity and remember that content is king. It’s what people will come to your site for, so only publishing your best work will help to build your authority in a specific niche.


#2 | Scrub up on SEO

When I first started my beauty blog, I’d shiver at the sight of SEO. I had no idea what it meant – or even how beneficial it could be to my site.

SEO is important and despite it being a technical world where you may have to delve into the settings of your website, there are a few easy SEO tips that all bloggers should be using, including using meta titles and adding alt text to images.

It makes a big difference once you start applying it to your blog and if done correctly, your traffic could rocket as a result of higher search engine rankings.


#3 | Use shorter paragraphs

The amount of times I see bloggers using 12-line long paragraphs really drives me insane… Unless you’re writing a book, nobody is really a fan of long paragraphs and you need to write for the internet.

If you’re unsure on where to add a paragraph, think about how your text looks on a page and how you’d like to read it. Every new point should start a new paragraph.

Keep your paragraphs short, to the point and most importantly, scannable.


#4 | Re-visit your pages

About and/or FAQ pages are the first things I click when visiting a new blog because I like to see who’s behind it. However, it’s inevitable that your personality and overall website will change as it evolves, so it’s important to refresh your pages frequently.

Revisiting these pages can actually improve your blog, and there a number of features that should be included on each page, such as:

  • Internal and external links
  • Heading tags
  • Images
  • Lots of valuable content!


#5 | Spell check!

When you’re writing a blog post, it can be common to speed through your content as quickly as possible whilst you’re writing to ensure that you get all of your thoughts out. However, writing quickly can inflict spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Before you hit publish on your article, try and proof-read it several times. I like to do this by writing the content and re-visiting it a few hours later when it’s fresh to my brain. This allows my mind to pick up on things that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed and perfect the article before it goes live.


#6 | Be consistent

Your blog is a brand, which means that it should be consistently branded.

Consistent branding doesn’t have to be a complicated and long-winded process. It can be as simple as ensuring that your images have a consistent style, as well as your content style being of the same tone. You can also apply this type of branding across your social media profiles and other accounts elsewhere on the internet.

Branding yourself and your blog can have many benefits, with the most notable being that you will be easily recognisable.

Got great images that use a unique font? Somebody might be able to notice your photo on Pinterest and instantly recognise that it came from your blog. That means that you’re creating an impression on somebody and allowing your blog to become more recognisable and memorable.

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