5 Simple Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement


If you look at some of the most common metrics that social media marketers look for when measuring the results of their strategy, the number of engagements a tweet receives is always featured.

There are many reasons for this, with the most important being it gives you an overall idea of how many people interacted with your tweet.

A large number of Twitter engagements indicates a likeable tweet, yet one with a small amount of engagements shows that the people who viewed your tweets didn’t find it particularly interesting.

We’ve shared five simple techniques for increasing Twitter engagement and the reasons why it’s important for marketing your business:


What Classes as a Twitter Engagement and Why is it Important?

Did you know that 49% of Twitter’s monthly users are following brands on the social network? That means there’s no reason why your business can’t utilise it’s offerings to achieve your business’ goals.

The type of actions that class as an ‘engagement’ vary on different platforms, but Twitter engagements are inclusive of the following:

  • Retweets
  • Likes or favourites
  • Replies to your tweets
  • Clicks on a link within your tweets

High numbers of engagement on your tweets allow your business to measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategy and improve it in future.

It can also help in building a community around your business and reinforcing the nature of your brand. Building strong relationships with your social following (whether they’re customers or not!) means that they’re likely to purchase from you over a competitor if they need your services.

twitter engagement

This kind of engagement can also influence social sharing, which aids in increasing the awareness surrounding your brand. Every time your tweet is retweeted, it is shown on the Timeline of that person’s profile; making it visible to their followers.

Engagement is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website and increase sales, and can deliver many surprising results for your business’ online presence.


1. Know the Most Effective Tweeting Times

The key to mastering Twitter engagement is knowing when it is you need to tweet. This is extremely important as it allows you to get your tweets seen by people at the time they’re online.

According to Hubspot, this time is between 12-3pm on weekdays, with the hour between 5-6pm being of extra benefit on a Wednesday, however there is no definitive answer. This time can vary depending on your industry, business and time zone. Events and national holidays can also be a huge influence.

The best way to monitor what times are the most effective for posting on social media is to try it yourself. Attempt to tweet at various points throughout the week and check Twitter’s Analytic tool to see which update had the most engagement.


2. Use Hashtags

In order to increase the engagement that your tweets are getting, you’ll need to increase the audience that are exposed to your update.

hashtag retweets twitter engagement

Using these characters can make your content viewable by anyone who’s browsing that specific subject – making your tweet viewable to people outside your current audience.

From motorbikes to social media, there’s bound to be some relevant hashtags that people are searching for. Tools like Hashtagify can help to find the most relevant.

Hashtags are rife on Twitter and for great reason. It was reported that tweets that include hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted than those who don’t.


3. Use Rich Media

According to Twitter themselves, the main factor that fuels a tweet’s engagement is the rich media that is included within it. This is because it’s more likely to catch your audience’s eye in a busy, constantly-updating timeline.

On Twitter, you’re able to upload a video that is 30 seconds in length. This is to avoid the chance of your viewer losing interest. Images can be optimised for social media, and you’re able to include up to four images within a single tweet.

They discovered that photos boost engagement by a massive 35%; videos by 28% and quotes receiving a 19% boost.


4. Perfect Your Consistency

Inconsistency (or posting too frequently) is one of the main reasons why you could be losing social followers, and it’s also a huge factor when it comes to maximising the engagement your profile gets.

Spacing out your tweets throughout the course of the day can help to hit your audience at peak times and avoid annoying your current following with constant updates. There are scheduling tools available for this.


5. Ask Questions

What better way than to increase your Twitter engagement than to ask for it?

Asking questions within your updates can help to provoke your followers to take action. It’s essentially a type of social media CTA that your business can use to get replies from the people who see your tweet.

Not only can asking questions aid when it comes to increasing engagement, but it also provides your business with a valuable opinion source that can be utilised when you want to evaluate your business, service offering or online presence.


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