3 Key Reasons Why You’re Losing Social Media Followers

No matter what industry your business operates within, you’re bound to struggle when it comes to growth in the first stages.

Building a following on social media is a tricky task and the results be completely dependent upon many different factors. This can include the frequency of your posting, the proportion of people you’re following and the relevance of content you’re sharing in relation to your brand and followers.

Just when you first begin implementing your social schedule, you might notice a sudden spike in followers as your name gets more “out there”. However, it’s not uncommon for you to feel like you’ve hit a brick wall when the followers stop appearing, or you even see a decrease in the amount of people viewing your content.

Here are three of the most common reasons why you’re losing social media followers and how to prevent it from affecting your business’ goals:


1. You’re not sharing content relevant to your customers

The key to becoming a leader within your industry is transforming yourself into an expert that people can turn to for advice. Whether your business provides hairdressing services or sells motorbike accessories; there’s bound to be people looking for answers to their questions.

Let’s take the motorbike accessory company as an example. Their target followers are either:

a) People who own a bike
b) People looking to purchase a bike

And so they should be sharing relevant content that attracts this kind of audience. If you head in and post about how much you love a TV programme (that has nothing to do with bikes!), it could be off-putting to a prospective follower, or you could annoy your existing audience.

By sharing content relevant to your niche, you can attract the people you want following you and increase your overall follower count on social media.


2. You’re posting too frequently (or not enough!)

Frequency is a key concept of social media marketing, yet one of the most difficult to conquer. One of the main benefits of running a commercial social media profile is to get your voice heard by people and landing the chance into converting them into paying customers, so it’s important that you publish on a regular basis.

Mastering the perfect social media frequency is key to maintaining a solid increase in social follower growth. Post too often and you’ll clog up the News Feed or Timeline of your current followers, but posting an update every two months can avoid people following in the first place.


3. You aren’t being social

As the name suggests, running a successful social media account requires you to be social. This commonly occurs when you aren’t:

  • Replying to comments or questions left by your followers
  • Following people back, even if they are relevant to your industry
  • Sharing the content of other people
  • Beginning conversations with other influencers

By making friends, commenting on other people’s updates and following people within your industry, you can prove that you’re a social butterfly. This also reduces the risk of people assuming that you think you’re “inferior” to anybody else.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you may be losing social media followers. If you’ve recently changed your strategy or have simply neglecting your accounts, we hope that these possible explanations will help!



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